Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hipster Cafe at Jalan Dhoby

Hello people, how's life? 
Miss me and my projek JJCM review?? 
Hahahaha.. I wish!

Here are another 3 cafe area JB yang chugaiss boleh try. 3-3 ni located at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru. Dekat je dengan Bazaar Karat. Ok, pendekkan cerita, jom start review.

The first cafe is IT Roo Cafe with tagline "Best Chicken Chop in Town". Ok tengok tagline je pon dh boleh tahu la kot specialties dia memang chicken chop. 

Main menu dia IT Roo chicken chop and korang boleh pilih fried vs grilled, sauce pulak mushroom vs black pepper. Harga chicken chop dia RM 15. I dah pergi 2 kali kat sini, and both times i choose fried chicken chop with mushroom sauce. De-Li-Shus!

Selain chicken chop, cafe ni serve menu ala2 kopitiam. Ada sandwiches, soup etc. Tapi jangan tanya sedap ke tak sebab I tak pernah try lagi. Oh, harga drinks dia standard je macam kedai biasa.

Second cafe is Cafe Lokap, also located at Jalan Dhoby. Yang ni baru bukak dalam sebulan lepas kalau tak silap. Konsep cafe ni buat kita fefeeling makan dalam lokap la. 

Dalam penjara cinta?

Menu agak limited, tak banyak variety. Some of the menu are : chicken chop, tortilla, pasta, curry puff, twister fries. Range harga untuk main dish dia dalam RM 9.90 to RM 15.90.Me + Syaza + Awang pilih Aglia Olio Pasta, Island Chicken Tortilla and Lokap Pasta for entree and cheesy curry puff and twister fries for starter.

Overall, biasa je taste food kat sini. Nothing special. Maybe sebab baru lagi bukak, tak banyak lagi menu dia. Tapi, layanan dia first class. Waiter sangat polite, senyum je explain satu-satu menu kat kitorang yang banyak tanya ni. Hehehehe..

Lepas dah makan berat, mestilah your tummy need some sweet desserts kan. So, here I nak recommend this one The Ice-Cream Project. 

Biar resit berbicara
There are 4 flavours : original, chocolate, butterscotch and brownies & cream.

What make their ice cream different from other normal ice cream is they made the ice cream using liquid nitrogen. First the will mix the ingredients and then pour the super cold liquid nitrogen and it will freeze instanly. Ok, don't make me start with all chemistry crystallization rambling things. LOL.

Choco flavour is my favourite!
Been there twice and I already try all the flvours except original. Harga dia quite mahal and the cup is small but its worth it! Trust me. It's De-Li-Shus..Totally recommended!
My tips, kalau pergi bertiga, buy 2 cups pon okay. Sharing is caring kan :)

I think that's it for now. Been busy lately but still I want to update about eating place, tegar kan. OK jumpa in next entry :)

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