Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mariners Cafe JB

Assalammualaikum semua...

This time wanna share to you another place to eat in JB. Yeay, I am now official host for programme JCCM Evin. The place called MARINERS CAFE located at bazaar karat JB, near Dapur Jendela. What's with the speaking??Cakap melayu sudah.

Actually, tak ingat dah pergi bila tempat ni but in this year la. Tengok! Ni la akibat simpan cerita sampai basi. Uhukks. Yang I ingat, its all started with AJ yang ajak keluar plus nak belanja sekali. And he asked me to decide the place, so i choose Mariners Cafe since all of us (read:me, AJ, Syaza, Wanie) tak pernah pergi lagi.

For teaser meh nak belanja pic deco yang ala-ala hipster kat Mariners Cafe tu.

Some of menu yang ada kat sini..

Muka lapar-tapi-tetap-happy-while-tengok-menu 
Evin - AJ
Wanie - Syaza dah sampai! Jom melantak!
Semua pakat order iced tea.

The Foods!!!

Mixed Grilled (Lamb, Beef, Chicken) Plate

Blackpepper Grilled Chicken

Beef Fried Rice
The Desserts : Banana Caramel with Ice-cream
Remaja zaman sekarang. Snap before Eat.

Perut dah kenyang, wajib la posing happily!

Overall, it was only OK eating there. Maybe sebab I jenis yg choosy jugak pasal makan. Spaghetti carbonara Wanie too sweet, my food called Beef Fried Rice tapi the size of beef sangat kecik. The iced tea we ordered quite plain and this is come from orang tak kuat manis macam I. But grilled chicken yang Syaza order and mixed steak yang AJ order taste delicious. Tapi takleh komen lebih coz I'm the one yang suggest tempat ni.

How I will rate it? For the foods, I think I will give 3 out of 5. 
Will I come again in future? Hurm..I'll think about it.

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