Monday, 23 July 2012

that close friend's me again..selepas almost 4 months kan kan..i've been busy with GOPs, assessments, labworks etc. btw, hari ni 3 ramadhan oredi..cepat kan kan..
So, this will be a quick update from me..juz to spread good news..ekceli i'm one of yang tau last..hewhew..tau pon dari someone else's tweet..pity

the news is ONE OF MY BEST BUDDIEZ IS GETTING MARRIED!!! when?lepas raya kowt..giler la awal..xsangka..rase cam baru semalam she with me worrying about tak jumpa lagi le soulmate..tup3..uwah! she's one of my benchmark tinggal me je yg single.. #Eh

"Dear Friend, i'm happy for you..i pray that he's the best person to make you happy..semoga korang bahagia till jannah...amin..hope jgn lupa jemput kami disini yer..jgn trlepas pandang..hee..luv u muchhooss girl.. ;) "

Lots of Love,
Evin Mohd Asri

evin says i'm the only one yg single ke skang??#EH